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For those of you working over the Christmas period and looking for a bit of relief that you can still justify as relevant to your job, we’ve come up with the inaugural Talking Finance big blog quiz. Cue fanfare (we may be overdoing this!)

For those who like to get everything right even when nobody is checking, the answers to questions can all be found in Talking Finance posts published in 2015, but remember, it’s just for fun!

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Correct answer 2.

Case law states that independent legal advice should be given face to face in the absence of the borrower. This can’t be done by telephone.

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Correct answer 1.

The Act provides that, in favour of a person dealing with the company in good faith, the power of the directors to bind the company is deemed to be free of any limitation in the company’s constitution.

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Correct answer 3.

Powers of attorney need to be created by way of a deed …and for anyone worrying, for the avoidance of doubt, powers of attorney themselves do not need to be registered at Companies House although the charges often in the same documents, of course, do.

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From 20 June 2016 the CHAPS (the computerised payment system used by UK banks) and CREST (UK’s electronic registration and settlement system for equity share trading) settlement day will be extended by one hour and forty minutes to 18:00.

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Correct answer 3.

Yes, someone has actually needed to have this pointed out to them by the High Court after a claim made against HSBC Bank (trading as First Direct) purportedly by Mrs Moosun, her two children and her two dogs – Goldie and Diamond.

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How did you do…?

5/5 Blogaholic

4/5 It was the dog question, wasn’t it?

3/5 You have too much time on your hands

2/5 Your school report said ‘could do better’

1/5 You’re not really trying now, are you?

0/5 In the doghouse

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you have an enjoyable festive period.

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